Are Monitor Lizards Poisonous

Are Monitor Lizards Poisonous?

Probably you have come across monitor lizards in your field, yard, compound or zoo and wonder if they could be poisonous. You may even have seen them feed on rats, snakes or rodents. But are Monitor Lizards Poisonous? The direct answer is YES. Monitor lizards (such as Komodo Dragon, Asian Water Monitor, and Tree Crocodile […]

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage?

Cabbages, whether red, green, or variegated, are vegetables that are often eaten together with course meals across the world. Previously we checked what bearded dragons eat. It may even concern you if these lizards can eat all cabbage species or not. So, can bearded dragons eat cabbages? The simple answer is YES! The bearded dragon will

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Do Cats Eat Lizards

Do Cats Eat Lizards?

Do Cats Eat Lizards? Have you ever met lizards and cats together in your home, yard or compound? Can your lizard and cat pet live together? It is interesting to find how cats go along with lizards in your place? So, do cats eat lizards?  The direct answer is YES! Cats will eat lizards. Cats

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