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I am Chris Lambrecht, a professional pest exterminator. I document my knowledge and experience on pest control at Pestpolicy.com. We are leaders when it comes to pest prevention and control. Therefore, we offer DIY pest control advice and conduct comprehensive product reviews

In addition, we've recently ventured into home cleaning where we tried more than 10 drain cleaners and roach killers. I grew up in the woods (an off-grid property). 

My father was an Entomologist and had a pest control agency where I learned about bug bites' identification & pest control. Now, Pest control is a big part of my lifestyle. Call Us Today!!! +1-202-555-3251 

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Certified Expert Reviewers

Glen Ramsey

Glen - Certified Entomologist

I am a entomologist with over 5 years of experience.I authored"How to alleviate pest pressures during renovations"


Laurie - Entomologist

I am a certified entomologist specializing in the control of rodent, creepy crawlies, and insects.

Bob Gelineau

Bob- Certified Entomologist

I am an Associate Certified Entomologist and a member of the national pest management association.

Bruce Melville

Bill- Certified Entomologist

I am an Associate Certified Entomologist. I help in pest management campaigns for 49 States.