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I am Chris Lambrecht, a professional pest exterminator. I document my knowledge and experience on pest control at Pestpolicy.com.

We are leaders when it comes to pest prevention and control. Therefore, we offer DIY pest control adviceOpens in a new tab. and conduct comprehensive product reviews.

  • In addition, we’ve recently ventured into home cleaning where we tried more than 10 drain cleanersOpens in a new tab. and roach killersOpens in a new tab.. I grew up in the woods (an off-grid property).
  • My father was an Entomologist and had a pest control agency where I learned about bug bites’ identification & pest control. Now, Pest control is a big part of my lifestyle. Call Us Today!!! +1-202-555-3251

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Certified Expert Reviewers

PestPolicy Exterminator

Chris – Entomologist

I am a entomologist with over 5 years of experience. Home renovation and pest control is my life.

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Mary – Entomologist

I am a certified entomologist specializing in the control of rodent, creepy crawlies, and insects.

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Bob Gelineau

Jack – Entomologist

I am an Associate Certified Entomologist and a member of the national pest management association.

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Bruce Melville

Ken – Entomologist

I am an Associate Certified Entomologist. I help in pest management campaigns for 49 States.

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