How to Use a Plunger (Step By Step)

Overflowing toilets and slow-drains are a common plumbing problem in most homes.  Do you find using a drain snake, a drain cleaner or hiring a plumber relatively price?  Well, a plunger is an easy and cheap way to return normal drain flow in your toilets, showers, and sinks.  So, in this article, we discuss how to use a … Read more

How to Snake a Drain (Step By Step)

Sometimes you just need a quick fix to your slow-moving drain. Or maybe pouring boiling water down the drain doesn’t work anymore? Well, snaking your drain would be an excellent option for this! But, while at it, other options include using a plunger, or drain cleaners. In the snaking process, you’d use the drain snake (also known as a … Read more

7 Best Tick Collars for Dogs 2019 Reviewed

Tick treatments in dogs come in all forms – from shampoos, sprays, collars, serums to tick wipes. However, the best tick collars for dogs still remain a popular choice for preventing and killing tick infestations. They are both simple to use and have a long residue effect lasting up to 7 months. Besides the natural … Read more

7 Best Mosquito Repellent for Yard 2019

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about your kids getting mosquitoes bites every time they are out playing on your backyard? Well, you should be. Mosquitoes are responsible for almost 720,000 deaths every year with the biggest percentage being kids. You can never go wrong with investing in a mosquito repellent for your yard. This … Read more

7 Best Poison for Squirrels 2019 Reviewed

Looking for the best poison for squirrels? Well, the search is over!  Squirrels are so cunning they will dodge most of the conventional traps or poisoned baits laid for them. These rodents are not easily fooled by rat poison unless it contains a flavor or food they love. It’s therefore important to choose the ones … Read more

7 Best Carpenter Bee Traps 2019 Reviewed

The best carpenter bee traps are the best way to deal with carpenter bees as they are free of pesticides and chemicals. This makes them safe around the home and a humane way to deal with carpenter bees.  Traps give you the option to catch and release the bees if you so wish. Carpenter bees … Read more

7 Best Gnat Repellent 2019 Reviewed

Spring arrives with the desire to leave our houses. confinement.  Also, there are flare-up pests like Gnats and mosquitoes – the best gnat repellent must be your friend. Nature blooms and the sun shines. For this, always the best solution will be a good repellent. We have made a list of the 5 best organic repellents. … Read more

What Do Flea Larvae Eat?

Flea larvae (35% of the flea population) is the second phase of the fleas’ life cycle. Depending on the levels of humidity and temperature, flea Larvae development takes 1 to 10 days. But what do flea larvae really eat? The short answer is, flea larvae feed primarily on flea dirt which is (1) adult fleas’ feces (or undigested blood), … Read more

7 Best Ant Traps 2019 Reviewed

Besides being such a big nuisance, ants are extremely destructive. Have you considered the best ant traps? Ants will damage your home by burrowing through the wood, contaminate food, not to mention building unsightly mounds both inside/outside the house. And once they invade, chances are they won’t go away on their own. The best ant … Read more