Does the Dryer heat Kill Fleas, their eggs and larvae?

After I posted this article on “how to remove fleas in clothes and beddings,” a reader sent me this question –  “do fleas die in the dryer”. To answer the questions, I conducted some experiments (on my dryer) and consulted my local vet. Summary: YES – dryer heat will kill fleas, their eggs, & larvae on bedding, … Read more

How to Kill Fleas on Dogs Naturally – Safe and Fast

Natural flea control methods will not leave dangerous chemical residues on your dog’s fur. But, I know you might have used flea control chemicals such as NexGard, Advantage, flea collars, flea bombs, Frontline, dog flea shampoo etc. Chemicals aside, today we discuss step by step process to naturally control fleas on your dog. Step by … Read more

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Clothes and Bedding – Fast

Last week somebody left the question on my site: “how do you kill fleas in clothes and bedding” Sadly, that’s about all the details they gave me. So, I had to assume they have fleas are on the clothes they’re wearing or their pet hitchhiked their bed and left some of the pests. The short answer on how to … Read more

Can Humans Carry Fleas from one Home to Another?

My buddy, Anna, has a massive flea infestation (she’s planning to use the best flea bomb soon). She’s coming for a sleepover 😞😞😞. I advised her not to come with her dog. So, can she still carry fleas over in her clothes? The short answer is: YES, human beings can carry fleas from one house to another. The bugs … Read more

7 Best Flea Foggers and Flea Bombs 2019 Reviewed

Treating a major flea infestation demands you get a fast-acting and reliable flea foggers (aka flea bombs) – which is a relatively challenging task. Also, you must determine the number of foggers for each room and the ingredients (e.g. IGR S-Methoprene). Most of the homeowners are worried if the fogger will actually kill the fleas and still be non-toxic to their … Read more

How to Get Rid of Flea Eggs on Cats (Fast & Easy)

Previously, I discussed the top flea foggers, but in this post, we’ll cover how you can get rid of cat flea eggs. In short, to get rid of flea eggs on cats, bathe the cat with a flea shampoo, flea comb the cat’s fur (with tightly-spaced tines), give oral cat flea preventative such as lufenuron and kill adult … Read more

How Long do Fleas Live on Humans – Fleas’ FAQ

Human fleas (P. irritans) and cat fleas (C. felis) are ectoparasites (host Dipylidium caninum tapeworm) that cause allergic reactions, anemia, and host other pathogens.1 ….I know, so many and dangerous effects…..but you ask, how long do fleas live on humans? The simple answer is a maximum of 7.5 minutes before jumping off for safety. . Male fleas will spend … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Ants in the Bathroom – Naturally

You must have noticed some ants, maybe little or black, in your bathroom. Did the ants in the bathroom appear at the same time last year? Are the ants also in the upstairs bathroom? Well, this is a worrying issue, mainly when you have yourself, kids and pets around the house and kitchen. Therefore, how do … Read more

Bed Bugs vs. Ants: Tips To Tell Their Bites Apart

What is the difference between bed bugs vs. ants? Well, for a beginner its hard to them apart. In this guide, you’ll learn the difference between the two insects: their body shapes and overall behavior. Such differentiation will help you choose the right insect solution such as rubbing Alcohol, kitchen ant killer, Ammonia, or Bleach, and the … Read more

7 Best Ant Killer for Kitchen 2019: Safe for Household

You need the Best ant killer for kitchen? Looking to wipe out a major ant infestation in your kitchen? There is nothing as bad as witnessing a military of ants matching in your kitchen. Ants will nest mainly in your kitchen looking for food. They, particularly, causes bad smells, can sting and are a nuisance … Read more