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Where Do Fleas Come From?

One Minute you’re living your life, blissful and free of worry. The next, you’re clawing at your legs like Freddy Krueger, wondering if the joy and company that your pet provides you is really worth the hell he’s unleashed on your world. Before we get into some useful products for flea control, let’s go over […]

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Best Puppy Shampoo For Fleas 2018

Puppies are just like newborn human babies: They are sweet, vulnerable, and trying to adjust to a new environment. There is much that you need to learn to take proper care of your puppy in areas such as feeding, training, exercise, grooming, house training, and bathing, which requires the Best Puppy Shampoo For Fleas. When it […]

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Best Flea Spray for Yard 2018 Guide

If you have pets, you’ve probably already taken steps to de-flea your house using a flea fogger.  But did you know that many flea infestations actually start in the yard? That’s why it’s important to also de-flea your garden, especially if your four-legged friends spend lots of time outdoors. The best way to get rid […]

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Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs 2018

You must be scouting for the Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs. Sure, settling for one dog flea shampoo is a difficult assignment. However you should know that the dog flea shampoo tends are changing very fast. Therefore, to purchase the best flea shampoo, you’ll need to have the best tips and knowledge on how to […]

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Best Flea Treatment for Cats 2018

Fleas are a pain but luckily there are many alternatives to toxic creams, sprays, collars and pills. Basic pet grooming habits like regular bathing and brushing is enough to control flea and tick infestations. I recommend the Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens (available on Amazon) as the Best Flea Treatment […]

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Borax Flea Killer 2018 – Guide

Borax for flea and tick control is a popular DYI natural flea control. Fleas, the tiny bloodsuckers, can cause you unwanted pain, diseases, and embarrassment. Evidently:  In this article, we will describe how you can use borax to control fleas on your dog (jump to steps) and on your yard (jump to steps). But first, […]

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