Top 7 Best No See Ums Repellent 2019 Reviewed

Maybe you’ve felt an itchy bite that left a red skin – its most probably from no-see-ums. The no-see-um season is here…again!!!!!!!! You can eliminate no-see-ums using window screens, special garments, repellents, and COluring.

Summary: I recommend either Repel 94101 40-Percent DEET Max or the No No-See-Um Natural 2oz as your Best No See Ums Repellent. The tiny 1/16 – 1/8 inch insects inject saliva into your skin (being an anticoagulant) as it sucks blood, which often causes a major reaction on the skin. 

Reviews: The 7 Best no see UMS repellent 2019

1. Repel 94101 40-Percent DEET Max

Do you need an effective yet low range DEET no see ums repellent?Well, Repel 94101 40-Percent DEET is a 40% DEET that will offer you lasting and adequate protection against no see ums, fleas, sand flies, biting flies, ticks, and mosquitoes.

But why not go or 100% DEET repellents? Scientific research shows that repellents with lower levels of DEET are less harmful to human beings and other animals.

Therefore, the Repel Sportsmen MAX pump spray with 40% DEET will be suitable or you and your surroundings.

Further, Repel Sportsmen MAX has no strong scent and leaves no grease, and thus will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor application purposes.

The repellent will offer you an hour an eight hours guard against DEET no see ums.

2. No No-See-Um Natural 2oz (2 pack) 

No No-See-Um Natural contain reverse osmosis water (93%) geranium rose oil (1%), citronella oil (3%), and lemongrass oil (3%). Interestingly, this repellant will kill all sand flies, also referred (in different regions) to as punkie, biting midge, chitra or granny nipper e.t.c.

For the summer season in your yard or outdoor spaces, Caroline Semerjian invented this repellent that works in a natural way. Its non-irritating and non-greasy created from natural plants extracts.

I noted that the repellent is effective on the bugs, has a great smell (from its essential oils) and leaves no stain on my clothes or skin. Luckily, the repellant is free from paraben, PABA & DEET – which makes it safe for your kids, horses or cats and dogs.

In its great spray form, it’ll be simple to use and can control even biting gnats, black flies, and mosquitoes. Its also approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for insect control.

3. Repel 94100 Sportsmen 30% Deet Wipes

The Repel 94100 Sportsmen 30% Deet Wipes will help you repel no see ums, biting flies, chiggers, and mosquitos that could transmit West Nile viruses, Zika, and Chikungunya.

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You can wipe your arms, legs, and feet with the wipes to repel all the bugs from biting you.

Despite that you can use the DEET Max Insect Repellent in the backyard, the 30% Deet Wipes are favorable when you are away from the house: all vulnerable outdoor spaces.

For example, the wipes will be favorable when you are going camping or mountain climbing where you will not be confined in one location for a long time.

The wipes are easier to use compared to the spray. Also, the wipes will readily it into your backpack or handbag without worrying about contamination with the pesticide.

4. Sawyer Premium Permethrin Clothing 

If you need an outdoor Protection against no see ums, then the Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent will be an excellent product.

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The repellent will be suitable to treat clothes and other garments to repel the harmful bugs. You will definitely like the repellent since it is easy to apply and highly effective.

Further, the spray will not leave an odor on your clothes after it has dried. Also, the treatment process will not discolor your clothes as most people could fear.

You will only need to slightly wash the garments with the repellent. Interestingly, one wash will allow you 42 days protection before the next bug treatment.

The repellent is safe or both adults and children. Also, it will last or along time while protecting you against the bugs. However, you will need to dispose of any remainder of the chemical to avoid accidental poisoning.

5. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural

The Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent will repel ticks, mosquitoes, and no see ums. The spray will repel the bugs for about 6 hours.

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As a natural repellent, Repel Lemon Eucalyptus has no DEET and will thus have no side effects related to chemical poisoning.

It is mainly composed of Lemon Eucalyptus, which is safe and has an excellent smell. Notably, you can use it during camping and biking events.

6. Avon SSS Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Aerosol


Guide – Best no see ums repellent

The Entomology and Nematology Department UFS, defines no-see-ums as known as midgies, Ceratopogonidae, punkies, or sand flies and are in Diptera order. Their wings have thick hairs creating coloration patterns that are used to identify their species.

Simply stated, no-see-ums are tiny flies that will bite you painfully but you can barely see them and that will breed around stagnant water.

How to prevent no-see-ums bites

You can eliminate no-see-ums through window screens, special garments, repellents, and CO2 luring and killing.

1. Repellent Sprays: The Entomology and Nematology Department UFS experts state that repellents with DEET can readily repel no-see-ums. Also, according to CDC, you can use Picaridin-based repellents as they are safe and effective compared to DEET.

2. UV light and CO2 luring: CO2 is used to lure the no-see-ums with a favourable respiration zone. You can attract the insects using carbon dioxide to move to an area that is treated with an insecticide, and thus kill them.

3. Special garments: To avoid the insects from slipping into your loose clothes and biting you, you’ll need to clad with special no-see-um proof netted clothes. Now, let’s jump into the various repellents that you can use to avoid bites by no-see-um.

Wrap Up

There you go I hope you can now make an appropriate choice on the best Repellent for the no-see-ums that have been terrorizing you. However, it would be effective you combine the wipes with any of the other spray repellents. Happy shopping.

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