Proof Bed Bug Spray Review

Well, Proof qualified to our list of best bed bug sprays. Proof Bed Bug Spray ReviewBut how good is it really?

The manufacturer claims that Proof will effectively kill all the bed bugs, their larvae, and eggs.

Well, plant-based spray (actually Neem-Oil derived) is marketed as a natural solution and alternative to the chemical pesticides. 

In this post, I’ve reviewed the good and the bad of the Proof bed bug spray.

But first, Proof is produced from the Neem tree and thus it’s a plant-extracted insecticide with 5.5% Cold-Pressed Neem Oil as it key active ingredients.

  • Has a 2-weeks residue effect, which is timely for when you’re travelling
  • Not poisnous or toxic and thus suitble to use around kids, cats, and dogs.
  • Kills 100% of all the bed bug eggs, eggs, and the adults
  • Its smell may remaina around for over twelve hours
  • Risk of bed bugs gettign resistsnt to the pesticide


#2: My Detailed Review

1. Disrupts the Bed bug’s Reproduction cycle

Proof 100% spray contains Azadirachtin, which is a neem oil extract that’ll realy disrupt the bed bug’s reproduction cycle and thus control their popualtion.

Azadirachtin acts on the normal level to reduce the rate of mating among bed bugs and thus reduce the level at which they’ll procreate.

2. EPA- Approve Formula

Proof 100% spray is EPA-registered, which only comes to prove that the product is both effective against bed bugs and equally safe for use around humans.

Proof 100% Spray is also registered by FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), which happened after getting the file-symbol from EPA. Its also approved by different pest management companies. 

Further, Proof 100% Spray has been endorsed by many researching and practicing scientists and entomologists in different research institutes. 

3. Has a 2-weeks Residue effect

As noted above, Proof 100% Spray has a residue effect of 2 weeks during which time it’ll continue killing the adults, nymphs, and eggs.

Further, the long residue effect will highly suitable for anyone who’ll be traveling and thus they’ll spray their luggage and suitcases for ultimate protection against bed bugs.

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4. Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray 

Proof 100% spray is non-toxic as its a plant-based pesticide, which makes it highly popular among different classes of customers.

This can be compared to the pyrethroid-based pesticides that are considered toxic particularly in large doses. Thus, you can use Proof 100% spray safely around kids, cats, and dogs.

#3: My Experience:

1. How Long Does Proof Bed Bug Spray Smell Last?

Depending on the surfaces and the amount sprayed, the smell and residue from Proof 100% will last about 2 weeks. Proof 100% is loved by travelers as it covers them against bed bugs for a large part of the journey.

In addition, Proof 100% will provide 3-weeks of active protection against bed bug eggs and their larvae. However, thorough washing, vacuuming or bed bugs steaming will help ease the strength of the smell.

2. Is Proof Bed Bug Spray Safe To Breathe? 

Proof 100% is created from Cold Pressed Neem Oil that’s EPA-prooved and equally safe to breathe, even for kids and pets. 

The plant-based active ingredients will not harm the body or the respiratory system of humans and pets if they breath the pesticide.

2. Proof Bed Bug Spray vs Harris Bed Bug Killer 



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